Thursday, November 8, 2007

Episode # 2 Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is a cocktail that originated as far back as the 1500s in South America: Chile and Peru to be exact. Many still argue over the exact location. The drink is similar to the American Margarita; however it is not nearly as intense or acidic. After attempting many different recipes, I decided to go with the proportions below. I find the balance of ingredients works best, and the addition of orange flower water gives the Pisco a wonderful floral enhancement. Please don’t be afraid of the egg white in this recipe; many (if not all) sour recipes call for egg white. Why? Because it adds a very nice smooth texture to the cocktail and provides a small layer of foam on top. And just so you know, your chance of getting salmonella poising is extremely low. So enjoy…

2 oz. Pisco
1 oz. Simply Syrup (50:50)
1 oz. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
5 drops Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
2 drops Orange Flower Water
1 Egg White

1. Add first five ingredients to shaker.
2. Shake vigorously without ice to froth.
3. Add ice and shake very hard for 20 seconds.
4. Strain into cocktail glass.
5. Add a few drops of Angostura to the froth.
6. Make design with toothpick and serve.

Music: Dave Brubeck "Take Five"

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